Doing Good Has Perks!

Doing good!
Doing good!

Remember that "Friends" episode where Joey proclaimed to Phoebe there was no such thing as a selfless good deed, because no matter what you do, you feel better about yourself in the end? (Yep, we still watch reruns every day!)
Turns out, Mr. Tribbiani was wiser than the world thought.
A new research study indicates that helping other people really does benefit the do-gooder as well. According to UnitedHealth Group, which surveyed over 3,000 volunteers and non-volunteers across the US, people who donate their time are less stressed and healthier.
A lot healthier.
- 75% of volunteers felt physically better
- 64% of volunteers with a chronic disease felt volunteering helped manage their illness
- 78% of volunteers felt stress levels go down

- 94% of volunteers said volunteering improved their mood
- 80% of volunteers felt they had more control over their health
Those gainfully employed volunteers also noticed improvement in time management, along with interpersonal and professional job skills… so, networking!
Who's down to go plant a tree?
There are a lot of ways to give back that can be really fun. You could be like Joey and answer phones at a telethon, but we've got some more practical options. Since it's fall, we'll even get all holiday and add a seasonal twist.
Happy Do-Gooding!

5K Run
5K Run

5 Ideas for Volunteering:
1.) Go classic: Serve the homeless at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving.
2.) Go active: Join a holiday 5K and raise money for charity.
3.) Go sociable: Attend a holiday party for foster youth.
4.) Go artistic: Sing carols at a senior center or residence.
5.) Go thoughtful: Send greeting cards to service members and veterans.