Dancing Cancer Patient Shares Her Positivity with Ellen

Ellen's Good News

You likely remember one of 2013's most inspiring viral videos, featuring breast cancer patient Deborah Cohan enjoying a dance party with her surgical team in the operating room before undergoing a double mastectomy. This heartwarming scene showed the world that you can find joy and positivity in the most unlikely of places.

"When you're facing death, it's time to celebrate life," the 44-year-old survivor told Ellen during a recent appearance on the show. "I didn't want to be crouched in the corner with fear before surgery, I wanted to be in a very vibrant, alive place… my true self comes out when I'm dancing."

Cohan sat down with Jeannie after the show to talk about how she remains optimistic even in the worst kinds of situations. You'll be as moved by her positivity and spirit as Ellen was. Check it out!

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