This Couple Finds Happy Ending After Boston Marathon Tragedy

After the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, two survivors are making a brand new start for themselves. Pete DiMartino, 28, proposed to his girlfriend of one year, Rebekah Gregory, 26, bending down on one knee in front of the wheelchair she's been confined to since the April 15 attack.

The two were visiting Boston with Rebekah's 6-year-old son when the bombs went off. Pete lost 90% of his right Achilles' tendon, suffered multiple broken bones and a ruptured eardrum, while Rebekah still faces the possibility of having her left leg amputated.

They've spent half of their relationship recovering from their injuries, but the pair says that going through this together has made them stronger as a couple.

"Going through an experience like the marathon makes you realize how short life really is, and how we don't really know how much time we have left," Pete told NBC. "And I know that with my time, there is nobody else I would want to spend it with."