Cancer Survivor Documents Her Hair Growth After Chemo in Awesome Time-Lapse Video

Annmarie Bowen from Wales was just 21 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The young woman began chemotherapy in May 2011, and lost all her hair as a result - a side effect particularly unfair to a professional hairdresser.

After her last session in August 2011, Annmarie began what she calls her "Everyday Photo Journey," taking one photo every few days as she grew her hair back. She also kept an online journal of her treatment and recovery, sharing her experiences battling the disease.

"I was exhausted through my cancer treatment," she told The Mirror. "I also lost a lot of my self-worth along with my hair. So the photo diary was really good to build myself up and show people how I was progressing."

The time-lapse video starts with her bald, and ends nearly a year later with her sporting a short bob of curly locks. Throughout the 150 photos, Annmarie keeps her smile and her spirits up.

"When I watch the video back, I notice the color returning to my cheeks and my smile growing," Annmarie tells the Good News.

Annmarie has finished all her treatment, though she'll need to take medication every day for the next five years to return to full health. Since finishing her video diary, she has grown her hair even longer. She looks beautiful, and most importantly, healthy and happy.

Annmarie tells us that she likely won't return to hairdressing, as she now wants to spend her time supporting other young people diagnosed with cancer.

"I want to help younger people come to terms with their diagnosis and spread the awareness as much as possible," she says. "Cancer is not just for older people, younger women and men need to be breast aware!"

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