Brothers Repeat History with This Awesome Gift for Their Mom

<div class="caption-credit"> Photo by: Toma & Paul Alexandru</div>Toma and Paul Alexandru restage photos from their childhood for their mother's birthday.
Photo by: Toma & Paul Alexandru
Toma and Paul Alexandru restage photos from their childhood for their mother's birthday.
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Would you want to relive moments from your childhood? Two brothers from Romania did exactly that to give their mom a sweet surprise for her birthday.

Toma, 29, and his younger brother Paul, 26, decided they wanted to make their mother Simona's 55th birthday extra special. Instead of just gifting her a photo album with old family photos, they thought it would be more creative to recreate their childhood memories.

Toma went to Reddit to share the old and restaged photos. It's both heartwarming and hilarious seeing the brothers mimicking poses and activities from their youth, and interesting to see just how much has changed - or not changed - in the last 20 years.

They say it wasn't that difficult to restage the photos, though they could only do it on the weekends due to their day jobs. "Both resorts where we spent a lot of holidays as kids are within a three-hour drive from Bucharest, so it was doable," Toma tells us.

"Finding clothes was the most difficult thing," he continues. "As you saw, we couldn't match all of them."

Clothes aside, the pair was successful where it really counted. "My mom cried - once when we gave her the printed album and the second time when she read the Reddit comments today," he said, referencing the positive reactions he and his brother received about their gift. "We were kinda hoping that would happen, so we also got her a box of tissues as a present together with the album."