8-Year-Old Boy with Half a Heart is the Happiest Person You’ll Ever Meet

Tayt, 8, cuddles up next to Ellen.
Tayt, 8, cuddles up next to Ellen.

Eight-year-old Tayt Andersen from Rigby, Idaho was born with only half a heart, and has undergone countless surgeries in order to save his life. He's been denied a heart transplant several times, but that hasn't put a damper on Tayt's spirits.

Tayt has been one of Ellen's biggest fans his entire life. He and his mother Chrissy first appeared on the show in January 2013, and were treated to a trip to Disneyland and given a check for $10,000 to help pay for Tayt's medical bills.

During their most recent appearance, Tayt was gifted a whole bunch of Dory toys and a brand new iPad. But he was happy enough just to spend some time with his girlfriend, Ellen!

Chrissy spoke with us backstage about all the love and support they've received from strangers, as well as the big meeting coming up with the transplant board to find out if Tayt will finally get the heart he needs. Check it out.

Watch Tayt's full visit with Ellen here!