7-Year-Old Piano Prodigy and His Twin Share Their Expertise on Love, Baby Names, and Twitter

When Ellen met Elias Phoenix in January, her entire world spun 'round in circles. Seriously! The 7-year-old piano prodigy with the dynamic personality entertained her audience with his feisty wit and extraordinary musical skills, and he brought his twin brother Zion along to partake in the sensation.

Elias returned to the stage last week for an encore performance, and after, he and Zion shared their superstar tips on everything from what to cook guests for dinner (oatmeal and/or pizza) to how to pick out a great outfit (go with best color), and perhaps most importantly, how to get Twitter followers.

Elias explained his social strategy as, "Being famous like on the Ellen Show."

See all of what these two kid geniuses had to offer …

If you missed Elias on Ellen, you can catch that video here!

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