This 7-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has a Delicious Way of Giving Back to His School

While most 7-year-olds need to be practically pulled out of bed in the morning, Ryland Goldman is already hard at work building his business.

The little boy with big ambition from the Bay Area has opened his own pop-up restaurant, Ryland's Restaurant, selling homemade breakfast foods to his neighbors and classmates on the way to school or work.

Ryland first talked about starting his own restaurant when he was 3 years old. He finally realized his dream when the family moved to a new neighborhood that was only a block from his new elementary school. "I moved here and lots of people walked by my house," said Ryland to NBC. "I wanted to sell breakfast to them."

Ryland doesn't just manage his pop-up restaurant - he acts as the cashier, and makes all the baked goods himself in his kitchen. In addition to home-baked brownies, biscotti and muffins, Ryland's Restaurant sells milk, orange juice, and coffee donated by Starbucks that he and his dad pick up early in the morning.

Ryland's Restaurant is surprisingly successful, and typically earns around $100 each day of business, but he isn't keeping all the money for himself. It was the second grader's decision to donate half of his profits to his school to boost its technology fund. So far, he's raised hundreds of dollars for his school!

"I think he is a future entrepreneur," said Kit Bragg, Ryland's principal. "It's incredible."

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