7-Year-Old is the Best BBoy on the Block… and He’s Adorable

He goes by the name Dystraktion, and with moves like these, he'll absolutely get your attention.

Watch 7-year-old Lewis Guy destroy the dance floor in 30 seconds.

There's no doubt in the room who won the "Battle of the Dojos," it's only questionable why this kid isn't famous yet. His dance instructor, Keegan "Seoul" Loye, tells the Good News blog that Lewis, who lives in Grand Rapids, MI, started dancing on his own, but joined the dance crew at 61syx Teknique in 2012 after showing up for a local battle and stunning everyone with his hollowback handstand.

For further proof of the first-grader's mad skills, the studio posted a video of a cypher between Dystrakion and another little boy going as Wonka from January 27, and Dystrakion owned it once again.

Needless to say, can't touch this!


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