Why You Should Date More Than One Man at Once

We've all heard the term "lovesick," but what about "lovestupid"? Author and relationship coach Tionna Smalls says that the biggest mistake women make when they start dating a guy is "not having a life. As soon as they get a man, they get stupid. They don't want to go to go to the gym anymore, they don't want to go get their hair done anymore, all they want to do is just do their man."

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Tionna says women also fall into the "Prince Charming" trap and assume they're "just going to live happily ever after" whenever the right one happens to come along. The love coach has a very different view: She advises women to date more than one guy at a time until the right one works out. "I look at dating as a race," she says. "Whoever's going to make it at the end of the line will be my man!"

She offered up some helpful categories as examples of dating different types of men. "You've got the money man, the funny man, the dude you can go to restaurants with," she says. "And then you've got the sex man. You can't go nowhere with him, but he gives you some good stuff!"

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Tionna also mentioned some celebs she would love to coach if she had the chance. Who needs the most help? Find out on today's "Daily Shot," and check out Tionna's new audiobook, "Men Love Abuse."