Bridal Gowns: What's the Most Forgiving Shape?

Randy Fenoli has helped hundreds of thousands of brides find their perfect dresses, and he stopped by Daily Shot to talk to Ali about the secrets to looking good on that special day.

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There's one shape that Randy says is the most forgiving for every woman, "Of course an A-Line is going to cover anything." But rather than just covering flaws, he thinks women should emphasize assets with an hourglass shape. "It's about silhouette and proportion…. If you're fuller on top, get a dress that's a little bit fuller on the bottom. If you're smaller on the top, get something that has a little embellishment up here."

The top thing a bride should keep in mind when picking a dress, Randy says, is, “which dress makes you feel the most beautiful. Because when you feel beautiful, that’s what makes a beautiful bride. It’s about that confidence.”

But would Randy ever lie to a woman if she were wearing the wrong dress? “Yes I would,” he says. “If you’re standing in front of the mirror and you tell me, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve never felt so beautiful in my entire life…and I can see myself walking down the aisle,’ what am I supposed to say to that?”

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Randy also talks about the two A-listers he’s dying to style for their weddings, and the one reality star he says, “I could’ve possibly helped out just a little.” To find out who, watch this episode of Daily Shot. Tune in to "Say Yes to the Dress" Friday nights at 9pm on TLC to see more of Randy.