What You Should Never Say to Twins

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott have been competing their entire lives, and at age 35, they’re still going at it on HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother. Despite the deep-seated sibling rivalry, they agree on one point – there are some things you just shouldn’t say to twins.

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“Didn’t you just walk by?” or “Am I seeing double?” tend to be the most cliché and annoying, but the duo has also fielded some unique questions from fans, including marriage proposals on Twitter. But don’t dare look at them as the same person. “Nothing cheapens it like ‘Oh will you marry me, Jonathan? Or Drew, I’ll take either!’” Drew says.

Another question the brothers receive is “when one twin gets hurt, does the other one feel it?” Not normally, Drew says, “but when we were younger, we actually did have a scenario like that.” Drew injured his knee playing college basketball and had to go for surgery, while Jonathan, who was living in another city, took off from work because of knee pain. Crazy coincidence, or a super twin connection?

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To hear one of the more off-color questions the brothers say shouldn't be asked, check out this episode of Daily Shot.