Tim Gunn’s Spring Do’s & Don’ts

Spring is finally here, so Ali invited Tim Gunn to Daily Shot to help us spring-ify our wardrobes. There are a lot of new trends for the season, and Tim Gunn knows better than anyone which looks are worth a try, and which you can ignore completely.

But before you shop for anything this weekend, Tim says to avoid the one fashion mistake most women make: picking the wrong size. “They wear things that are too big or too small,” the fashion guru says, “usually erring on the side of too big.”

As for seasonal trends, what’s the hottest item on Tim’s list? “I’m crazy about these very potently colored chinos.” He favors deeper, more saturated colors over pastels, though, because, “they tend to make women look matronly." The chinos shown in the video are from Old Navy.

Another trend Tim likes, although hesitantly, is the asymmetrical-hem skirt, aka the Mullet Skirt. The hemline, he says, “needs to be subtle and nuanced, you don’t want it thrown in your face.”

A surprising fashion Do from Tim? Double denim. But only if you wear two distinctly different denim washes. Otherwise it’s just what’s known as ‘a Canadian Tuxedo.’

But what’s the biggest fashion DON’T of the season? Check out the video to find out.