The Haircut that Flatters Every Woman

As a celebrity hairstylist, Kim Kimble has trimmed the tresses of everyone from Beyoncé to Whitney Houston to Lady Gaga. The style guru and star of L.A. Hair stopped by Daily Shot to reveal the one cut she believes any woman can pull off.

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“The bob,” she says, referring to the retro short cut. “I’ve never seen a person wear a bad bob.” If Hollywood is any indication, she may be right. Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Keira Knightley are just some of the women who have recently been rocking the cropped look. “You can do it full, you can wear it flat,” Kim says. “It’s one of those universal cuts.”

Kim also says there is one mistake women tend to make when deciding on a new look: a snap decision about how much to take off. “They should never make a decision irrationally,” she warns. “Plan for a hair cut…try on a wig and see what that looks like first. It’s a commitment!”

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