Seven Seeds You Should Be Eating

You probably hear a lot about the healthy superfoods you should be eating, but have you heard of superseeds? Lucy Danziger, editor in chief of Self magazine, stopped by the "Daily Shot" studios to talk about how small seeds can make a big difference in your health and wellness.

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"They're little nutrition powerhouses that give you more nutrition per square inch than any other thing you can eat," she says. "If you could sprinkle these on salads, or put them in your smoothie, you are going to emerge healthier, slenderer, and younger-looking."

1. Pomegranate seeds. Looking to stay slim? Pomegranates have large amounts of vitamin C, which raises metabolism and cuts fat storage.

2. Hemp seeds. Another superseed that is great for maintaining your figure, hemp is loaded with fiber. "Fiber will speed up your metabolism," Lucy says. "You will be able to eat more calories, and they won't stick."

3. Pumpkin seeds. These common seeds are loaded with iron. "Iron is good for energy. It also has 9 grams of protein," Lucy says.

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4. Chia seeds. If you're looking for an energy boost, try these miniscule black seeds. "Some people I know put it in their water bottles," Lucy says about the calcium-filled seed. "Chia is your cheat sheet to a high metabolism."

5. Wheat germ. "It has tons and tons of fiber," Lucy explains. "It has something in it that's called inulin, which is the kind of fiber that helps with digestion."

6. Flax seeds. "Flax has Omega-3's," Lucy says. "It's cancer-thwarting, it's great for your heart, it will fight depression, it reduces inflammation."

7. Sesame seeds. "It will control cholesterol," Lucy says. "It also has protein and fiber, but it's really good for a healthy heart."