Nick & Mariah's Biggest Parenting Disagreement

“I definitely want my children to go to public schools, my wife is on the fence about it.”

Cannon says he wants to establish as much normalcy as possible for his children, while Mariah is more concerned about safety.

Nick’s argument to that is: “Private school’s got the craziest kids anyway! They have the most access to drugs and weapons!”

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Plus, he adds, “You don’t get to go to ‘private adult life.’"

What else does the power couple fight about? “Everything!” Nick says, matter-of-factly. “I’m messy, I get in trouble for my interviews…and then I don’t pick up my underwear.” He then goes into further detail with Ali about the interview that made Mariah the angriest.

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Nick says he and Mariah pack a lot into their busy lives because they aren’t that big on sleep—which is how he has time to work out twice a day. His workouts include boxing and, surprisingly, a ballet barre class. “It’s more feminine than pilates,” he says. “I’m the only guy in the class. It’s a ballet barre, you can’t wear shoes, and we’re arching our backs, and I’m working muscles that I don’t work in boxing.”

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