Michael Urie on Working in Barbra Streisand's Basement Mall

Michael Urie made a name for himself as Marc St. James on "Ugly Betty," and now he's starring in "Buyer & Cellar," a one-man show about a struggling actor who works in Barbra Streisand's basement mall.

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So how did Urie end up in a role featuring the diva's bizarre home shopping center? "It all started from a joke," he says. Writer Jonathan Tolins was with friends watching a segment on Babs' mall and thought, "How would you like to be the guy who works down there?"

In addition to playing her employee during the show, Urie tackles several different personas, including that of the superstar herself. "I become her, and I become the person who runs her house, I become the guy who works for her boyfriend," he explains. "I play several different people in conversation with each other as I tell the story."

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The actor also spoke about casting trends over the course of his career. While Urie has played a number of gay characters, he insists that being typecast doesn't bother him. "I once had a casting director tell me early on, before I had any jobs, that 'you have to get typecast before you can get cast,'" Urie says. "I got typecast as soon as I could!"

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