Kitchen 101: Fridge vs. Cupboard

If you shove your groceries in the fridge without a second thought, you could be causing certain foods to expire faster. Bahar Takhtechian, editor-at-large of Shape magazine, plays "fridge versus cupboard" and reveals what produce should and shouldn't be kept in the cooler.

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Potatoes? Keep in the cupboard, not the fridge. "Potatoes have starch, and when they're exposed to cold temperatures, it actually makes the potato sweeter," Bahar says. "Keep them in a brown bag, and then store it away in a dark place."

Tomatoes should also be stored in the cupboard. "Tomatoes need to be kept out of the fridge because a lot of times those cold temperatures change the texture, and it makes them ripen unevenly," she explains.

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What about bread? "You'd think that you should store it in the fridge because that would prevent mold," Bahar says. "However, when you do that, that makes the bread get stale faster." She recommends splitting the loaf in half and putting what you won't eat in the next four days in the freezer.

When it comes to fridge organization, there are rules we should all abide by as well. The cardinal rule? Never put your milk on a shelf on the refrigerator door. "We all open our fridge a lot, so you want to make sure you don't put things like milk on the outside door, because that area is really exposed to outside temperatures," she says.

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