How to Cook the Perfect Steak

As the founder and CEO of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse in New York City, Willie Degel knows a thing or two about cooking a great steak. The "Restaurant Stakeout" host stopped by Daily Shot to share his wisdom on the subject of cooking the perfect piece of meat.

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Willie says there are two major mistakes the home cook makes when preparing steak. "They don't season it properly, and they overflip it. They'll flip it four or five times during the process at home," he explains. Flipping just once will preserve the flavor and keep the meat from drying out. As for proper seasoning, only three ingredients are needed: a great olive oil or butter, kosher salt, and pepper.

Not sure what to look for when choosing meat? "If you really want a great steak, you want more fat and marbling, and you want a little fat around the perimeter." The fat will caramelize and add moisture to the meat, helping to develop a nice, crispy crust.

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Be sure your steak has time to come to room temperature before adding it to the pan. Making sure your pan is hot enough before adding the steak also helps to form a great crust. The olive oil should immediately sizzle when added to the pan.

Not sure how to tell if the steak is done? Use the touch test. Press your finger into the center of the meat. If it's fairly soft and gives way to touch, it's cooked rare. When it becomes firmer and resists touch, it's more well done.

To find out why Willie says you should "always undercook a steak," check out this episode of Daily Shot.