Easy DIY Holiday Gifts

Spending too much money on holiday gifts? A DIY present is a great way to give something cool without going broke. Katie Brown stopped by "Daily Shot" to inspire others to get in the spirit of a handmade holiday.

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For your favorite foodie, create flavored sugar for a fun way to sweeten up lemonade or tea. Katie squeezed the juice from a bag of frozen raspberries, strained the juice, and mixed with sugar from her cupboard to create the sweet gift. She suggests packaging the flavored sugar in glass gars with a fairy on top, coining the concoction "sugar from the sugar plum fairy."

She suggests getting creative with containers for a handmade touch. Packaging mixed nuts in fabric bag labeled "Nuts For You" makes a cute, easy holiday favor.

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Did you know you can make your own vanilla at home? Fill a small glass bottle with vodka and scrape the seeds from three whole vanilla beans into the liquid. Place the bean shells in the vodka as well, cap the bottle, and let sit for four weeks in a cool, dark place.

Katie also suggests getting the kids involved with a fun glitter candle craft. Stick an adhesive letter on a cheap candle and spray the exterior with adhesive. Roll in glitter and give to family and friends for a sparkly, fun decoration that will help anyone get into the holiday spirit.