Comedian Tom Green on Reality TV

You could say Tom Green was the pioneer of reality TV. In the 90’s, “The Tom Green Show” became notorious for Tom's shocking behavior.

If you're not familiar, he's known for humping a dead moose on the side of the road and releasing a single called “Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song).” That’s right, the ridiculous song with the addicting lyrics like, “my bum is on the cheese.”

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So, why does Tom think reality TV is worse now than it ever was? “When I was doing my show, we’d be fighting to do outrageous stuff on air and meeting a lot of resistance," he says. "Now you see how the networks embrace and really reward bad behavior, and that wasn’t really what my show was. We weren’t a reality show – we were doing all that stuff on purpose."

Tom was briefly married to actress Drew Barrymore in 2001, and Ali asked if they were still in touch. “No hard feelings there," he says "I’m happy for her, she’s obviously married again and doing well.”

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Will Tom marry again soon? “I would like to do that at some point,” he says. “I’m just waiting to find the right girl.”

Check out this episode of Daily Shot and watch Tom Green bring his worldwide stand-up comedy tour to Caroline’s in NYC Aug. 16th – 18th.