Clean Your Closet With This 5-Second Mind Trick

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When it’s time for the seasonal closet purge, we all fall prey to sentimental attachments or simple procrastination.

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So to help you start the closet purge, Ali sat down with Today Show Style Editor Bobbie Thomas, author of, “The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow.”

Bobbie brought three items to make the clothes you don’t purge look better and last longer, including shapewear she swears by, "Skinny Britches." It’s a thin fabric slip that gives great support under light summer fabrics.

But as for the tough decisions on what to get rid of, “I have a system that’s called ‘Yes, No, Maybe,’” Bobbie explained. First, “take everything out so that the closet is empty.”

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“Ask yourself, and try to keep a beat, ‘Yes? No? Maybe?’

A ‘Yes’ item is one of your favorites, that you absolutely wear all the time and can’t live without.

A ‘No’ is stained, ripped, or just doesn’t ever get worn.

If, after five seconds, you don’t have a firm ‘Yes’ or ‘No,’ it goes in the ‘Maybe’ pile.

After you replace all of your ‘Yes’ items, you have a clearer idea about what you’ve got and what you have room for, and are then more able to attack your ‘Maybe’ items.

Bobbie has more products that keep your ‘Yes’ items looking great, you can see them in today’s episode of Daily Shot!