Beth Stern on 'Spoiled Rotten Pets' and life with Howard

If you think you spoil your pet just because you have matching sweaters… think again. Unless you take your pet pig to a 5-star spa or have a Bark Mitzvah for your dog…YOUR pet is NOT pampered.

Beth Stern, host of the new Nat Geo Wild show “Spoiled Rotten Pets,” stopped by to show Ali what real pet pampering looks like.

On her show, Beth visited a couple with two huge pigs named Wilma and Pebbles. Beth told Ali how ‘the girls’ sleep in bed with their owners, they are fed gourmet meals, and they use their snouts to hit a bell when they need to go outside. “I gotta say, their girls were their kids.”

Beth and her husband, Howard Stern, feel the same way about their pets. “Women fall in love with their husbands when they see them as fathers,” she said. “When I see him with our pets, I fall in love with him even more.”

Howard gives her plenty of opportunities to fall more in love ever since Walter, the Sterns' rescue cat, came into their lives. One revealing habit, Beth says, is that "you'll walk by his office and he's talking to someone. It's usually Walter, sitting at his desk."

Does Beth ever think the people on her show are too over the top with their pet love? “No, I look at it as pure love for their pets, and I feel what people are going to take from the show is they need to go home and pamper their pets a little more.

To hear Beth talk about how Howard acts around his favorite pet, check out the video!

Spoiled Rotten Pets with Beth Stern airs on Nat Geo Wild.