Arsenio Hall: I Took a Break to Be a Single Dad

Arsenio Hall had the coolest talk show of the 1990s, and now he's staging a big comeback. But since the last incarnation of his late-night program, the comedian learned a lot of life lessons.

Thirteen years ago, Hall put his career on hold after his son was born. "I just knew that I needed some balance in my life," he says about his departure from "The Arsenio Hall Show." "I knew that I had money and success, but my life wasn't right. I needed it for a lot of reasons."

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The comedian became more of a family man and learned a few important lessons while raising his son solo. "I learned to appreciate women more as a single dad," he says, adding, "Do you know how much my opinion of my mom and what she went through changed?"

Now, his son is a teenager and living in Los Angeles, and the distance weighs heavily on Hall. "I think it's harder on me than him," he says. "He's like, 'Drop me off four blocks from the theater and I'm cool.' It's me that misses sitting with all the mommies at Chuck E. Cheese."

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To find out whom Hall can't wait to have on his show to play the saxophone, check out this episode of "Daily Shot," and don't forget to tune in to "The Arsenio Hall Show" tonight.