5 Easy Tips to Cut Cleaning Time in Half

No one wants to spend more time than necessary on cleaning, but you still have to do it. Ereka Vetrini, host of "Easy Does It" on Yahoo, joined Ali with some easy tricks that can cut down your tidying time and get you back to things you enjoy.

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First off, the microwave. You know how you reheated all those slices of pizza and bowls of soup in between cleanings? That means all those little exploded bits of food are now caked on the top and sides of your microwave. To make them easier to remove, Vetrini says, "take a cup of water, half a cup of lemon juice, stick it in the microwave, zap it for three to five minutes." The steam loosens the grime, and you can wipe it all off easily.

Second, ironing. To speed up that chore, Vetrini suggests putting a piece of foil between the ironing board and the garment. Then, when you iron, the foil conducts heat under the garment and you are ironing both sides at once.

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Third, crumpled-up tissues. When cold season starts, people can get really gross about where they leave tissues after blowing their noses. Concentrate the mess by connecting an empty tissue box to a full one with some rubber bands. That way, people can pull a tissue out, blow their nose, and put it straight into the empty box.

Vetrini also has tips on how to get water and soap stains off of your faucets, and how to dust blinds and tight spaces. You can hear those — as well as what's coming up in the next season of "Easy Does It" — in this episode of "Daily Shot"!