What Victoria's Secret Models REALLY Look Like

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The chicks at TotalBeauty.com
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Ever wonder how those pouty, impossibly perfect Victoria's Secret Angels look when the wind machine's off and the Photoshop wand has yet to be wielded?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but, guess what? They still look awesome.

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Some untouched (read: not Photoshopped into pore-less oblivion) photos of VS star Doutzen Kroes have just surfaced online and unlike all those "stars without makeup" tabloid stories, this time, the truth isn't ugly at all.

She's smoking hot. Flaws and all. Go figure.

Fashion Spot posted the raw pictures of Kroes' photo shoot that have yet to make their way to the VS website. And, as always, these pictures don't lie. The supermodel has wrinkles between her eyebrows, scars on her legs, folds in her skin, and unshaven armpits! Oh, the horror. But, the best part? These "imperfections" only serve to make her more beautiful.

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The lingerie company no doubt deems such real photos as obstructions to the fantasy that is the whole Victoria's Secret mystique, but really, what's the harm in letting us regular women see these models as they really are? After all, the Angels really don't have much to touch up in the first place and seeing them in their genuine state might just make us all feel a little better about ourselves -- and the latest Body by Victoria collection.

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