Long Hair on Little Boys: Why People Freak Out About It

By Jada Wong, Refinery29

Rachel Zoe's Instagram is filled with pics of her adorable tot Skyler (and her celeb friends), but now some of her followers are unjustifiably upset about the too-long length of his hair. Consider this Jenna Lyons-gate 2.0 - remember, when Fox News called out Lyons for letting her son wear nail polish - if you will.

In Zoe's recent pics, two-year-old Skyler sports near shoulder-length curls, and some commenters are calling mom out for not cutting his hair, thus making him look like a girl. Some choice comments: "Cut his hair. He looks like a girl," "STOP MAKING YOUR BOY LOOK LIKE A GIRL," and "Youre [sic] a terrible mom. Do you know how hard youre [sic] f*cking him over?" Of course, some onlookers are meaner than others, and one of the beautiful things about the Internet is being able say anything you want anonymously. But, seriously, what it boils down to is this: Skyler is Zoe and Rodger Berman's son, and as parents, they have the final (and only) say on his hair. So what if they decide to keep the locks long? It's hair, and Zoe did popularize boho chic after all, so flowing locks is totally in her oeuvre.

Considering the reaction to Lyons' decision to paint her son's nails hot pink, we're not surprised at the negative criticism to Skyler's hair. We're more surprised that Fox News hasn't blown this situation out of the water...yet.

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