The Great Mascara Showdown: How 7 Popular Brands Stack Up

Photo by: Bare Escentuals
Bare Minerals: Buxom
Our first mascara is by Bare Minerals, a brand I'd always associated with the all-natural look. Major volume from the all-natural mineral company? I had my doubts.
Verdict: The mascara has great layering power. It doesn't clump too quickly, and it gives enough girth to each lash that it feels like a significant volumizer, not just a lengthener. I felt probably the most satisfied with this mascara, above all the others. The best part -- it washes off easily, no raccoon eyes!
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Maybe you're like me, and you stand in the aisles at the drug store when it's time to replace your trusty old tube of mascara pondering deeply the many options available to you, while wondering wistfully what it might be like to try them ALL, just to see which is best. Maybe you've wondered if expensive mascaras are really any better than their drug store counterparts. I tested seven (seven!) of the most popular, most expensive, and most ridiculous mascaras available on the market today, to find out which is best. And oh boy, do I have some answers. - Natalie Holbrook

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