Extreme Eyelashes: 7 Colored Mascaras that Are Making a Comeback This Season

When I think of bright blue lashes, I am instantly brought back to around 1987 and visions of tanned and freckled Zinka covered cheeks and noses, surfer girl looks, and childlike fun frolic through my mind. So the thought of adding an electric blue lash to my everyday look, doesn't seem quite right for this 30 something who wore it first when she was 12 years old. From drug store brands to high-end designers, mascara is popping up in tons of fun shades and ranging from blinding neons to sultry smokey sooty hues. This fun Summer look runs the gamut of young, bright, and punchy, to chic, sophisticated, and mysterious and is trending among women of all ages.
Tips from the pros…
* Balance out bold colored eyes and lashes by keeping the rest of your face neutral. Stick to soft flesh tones on cheeks and lips so your eyes are the only POP.
* Choose a shade that complements your eye color: Green for hazel eyes and purples for blue and green eyes. Choose silvers and lighter shades of blue and purple and bronze for darker brown eyes.
* If you're looking for just a little pop, try navy, which instantly brightens the whites of your eyes. Or apply your regular black mascara and just add a pop of color to your tips! - By Megan Tintari

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