Effective and Cheap Acne Home Remedies

In order not to spend hundreds of dollars on creams or visiting dermatologist every day, to get results you need, you can try different homemade natural remedies for acne. Natural cures for acne can easily be prepared at home.

These methods of making natural acne cures and materials used have been used for years and have been verified and considered as very effective, efficient and safe. To find best homemade treatment for your skin type that suites you, you need to combine your own mixture.

One of the most accepted and well-known homemade cure for acne is tea tree oil. Most effective process is tropical use after it is diluted, but there are many other methods that can be applied to this natural component. The most significant is the antibacterial agent that tea tree oil contains is terpine-4-ol, that kills the bacteria, as well as prevent future infection. In the most of the acne problem cases the root problem of acne is bacteria. Furthermore, this component can be used on regular basis to prevent acne problems in future, because is very mild on the skin.

Also, another inexpensive medicament that you can use is apple cider vinegar, which is known as great acne cure, too. The procedure is the following: you need to place some on a cotton ball and to dab it directly on the acne spots. The best effect is if you let the apple cider vinegar to treat your skin during the night, while you are sleeping.

What most of people prefer is washing they entire face with water, where inside the water you've previously dilute the element (the water should be clean), and dry it afterwards with clean towel. You need to observe the skin reaction to the treatment and make changes with the percentage of the ingredient dilute in the water. Please note that if your skin makes it peel or crack, than you have over-dried your skin.

Lastly, you can try other natural ingredients at home. Also well known effective and efficient acne cures are green tea, garlic and zinc. You can try which of these natural ingredients have most effect for your acne removal treatments.

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