Dove's New Ad Makeover Campaign is a Body Image WIN (VIDEO)


Dove already has made a name for itself by featuring real women in its advertising.

Now, the brand is taking that body image message a step further with a new 'Ad Makeover' campaign that actually replaces negative Facebook sidebar ads with positive messages.

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The campaign comes in response to a survey that showed only 4 percent of women consider themselves to be beautiful.

Awesome idea, right?

This from Fernando Machado for Dove:

Dove has always listened to women, and we are giving them a new way to be heard through this first-of-its-kind Facebook app. We chose to use Facebook because of its power and reach in social media, which would propel these positive beauty messages to be seen by as many women as possible.

But there's bad news ... currently, this only works if you live in Australia or Brazil!

That means that unless Dove decides to bring this campaign stateside, we American women are stuck seeing jelly roll and muffin top ads in our sidebars FOREVER. UGH.

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I for one would love to see positive messages in my Facebook sidebar instead of the usual crappy 'sponsored messages' I try to ignore. What about you?

And do you think an ad campaign really has the power to change women's self-image? Or is Dove hopelessly outnumbered by other major media images and doomed to fail?

Image via Dove

h/t: Huffington Post

Written by Lindsay Ferrier for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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