6 Non-Cheesy Fake Tattoos Worth Trying

I don't consider myself a commitment-phobe, but the idea of getting a tattoo scares me. It just seems so … permanent. And while inking my boyfriend's name on my ring finger looks like a precious declaration of love now, in three months who knows if we'll even be together? The only sure thing I know is that laser tattoo removal involves a lot of pain and a lot of cash.

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To avoid a permanent and messy tattoo mistake (like these), I decided to look into some fake options. I'm not talking cheesy, childish temporary tattoos. I actually found a bunch of really cool, really witty, and really sophisticated tattoo designs -- that just happen to last only a few days. Scroll down to see my top six, or click here for the full list.

No. 1: Time for Love

This lovely watch -- pun intended -- is courtesy of Tattly, a temporary tattoo company that makes some of the hippest fake tats out there. (Their tagline: Who says forever is better?) With a whole crew of top artists, their designs are the perfect mix of kitsch and cool. Keep flipping for more of Tattly's work.

No. 2: Big Smile

You'll have to thank the Japanese for this wacky idea. These temporary tooth tattoos are the latest craze from across the Pacific, with teens applying stars, anchors, ladybugs, and other designs to their pearly whites. According to "Ginza Magazine," the chosen image in placed on the tooth with a special glue, then hardened with the use of an LED light. They last for a few days and are easily removed with no damage to the tooth -- at least that's what the mag says ...

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No. 3: Precious Jewels
Urban Decay is known for amazing and edgy makeup, so we'd expect nothing less of their temporary tattoos. With different types of chains, feathers, charms, stars, and flowers, these tats let you create your own jewels -- no craft skills necessary.

No. 4: Moustache Madness

Want a temporary tattoo with a sense of humor? Check out Fingerstache. Simply apply the tat to your pointer finger and hold your finger under your nose -- instant 'stache. And with such a wide variety of 'staches (the dandy, the plumber, the 8th grade bully), you and your friends won't get bored with these fakes anytime soon.

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No. 5: Skin Swatch

We couldn't resist another Tattly temporary tattoo. This one, called TATTONE, is a play off of Pantone's color swatches. Simply place anywhere on your body, and you have your very own swatch that just happens to match your skin tone perfectly.

No. 6: Tattoo of the Future

It seems like everything these days comes with a QR Code. Why not you? Not only does this fake tat actually scan, but it's also customizable. Personalize your QR Code with a message, URL, email, or phone number ... though we'd be extra careful of where you stick it. You don't want some random creepy dude to have your phone number on speed dial.

To see more cool temporary tattoos, click here. Now you tell me: Which one of these fake tattoos is your favorite?

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