5 Photoshop Fails You Wouldn't Believe

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I admit, when it comes to my photos, I'm pretty much a master at editing. I won't put a photo up on Facebook unless it's been cropped, colored, or tweaked in some way to make me look ah-mazing. (Thank you, Instagram!) Why not show off my amazing skills at creating a soft focus -- and hide my shiny t-zone at the same time?

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Of course, I do have some restraint when it comes to tweaking -- unlike certain photo editors out there. I've come across missing legs, creepy, unidentified hands, and morphed body parts just by searching "photoshop disasters" on the web. Scroll down to see some of the craziest ones, or click here for the entire list. It makes you wonder, how the heck these ever made it to print?

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Freaky Fingers

This demure picture of dirty-girl rocker Christina Aguilera has all the right elements: sun-kissed glow, cute puppy, mutated finger. Wait, what? Check out Christina's right hand, it looks like one of her digits is trying to get away.

Eye Crazy

Eminem gives new meaning to the expression crazy eyes on this cover for "XXL" magazine, making the rapper look slightly artificial. Can the real Slim Shady please stand up?

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Hands On

It looks like someone didn't quite make the cut in this "Got Milk?" ad featuring U.S. Olympians. Sucks for whatever athlete only got to let his fingers show.

Lost Legs

This Biggest Loser contestant didn't realize that when she entered the contest to lose weight, she'd be forfeiting one of her limbs too.

Double Take

It's clear what they did here: morph Rihanna's head and body from two different images. What's not clear is why.

Click here to see the rest of the photoshop disasters.

Now it's your turn: Do you edit your photos before putting them online? Leave your comment in the box below.

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