44% of Women Feel Unattractive Without Makeup

Nearly half of women feel unattractive without using cosmetics
Nearly half of women feel unattractive without using cosmetics

Many women prefer "natural-looking makeup," but would you consider skipping makeup altogether? A new study found that 44% of women hate being seen without a full face of cosmetics. The Harris poll, conducted on behalf of the Renfrew Center Foundation, is the latest in a series of studies that show our increasing dependency on products to boost our self esteem. According to The Globe and Mail, surveyors asked the cosmetics-addicted 44% why they can't go without makeup, and they gave these answers:

-16% of women polled felt unattractive when not wearing cosmetics
-14% felt self-conscious without makeup
-14% felt naked without makeup

For many this is a lifelong habit that's hard to break. One in four women polled have been wearing makeup since they were 13 or younger. We understand the desire (and on early mornings, the need) to use concealer, mascara, and lipstick to look your best at work or for a big night out, but what about forgoing makeup on the weekends and letting your skin breathe? If celebs can skip cosmetics for an afternoon, you can too!

We're curious about our Shine readers. Do you feel unattractive without makeup? Are there times you'll go without it? Please share your beauty habits in the comments!

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