What If I Threw The Tantrum For A Change?

Jennifer Marshall

I don't know about you, but sometimes, I can't help but laugh my buns off when my kids are throwing an all-out fit. They just look so incredibly ridiculous to me as they're wailing and screaming and flailing themselves about the floor. In fact, I've even videotaped one of my daughter's tantrums to show her just what an a---- looks like in action. Of course, she doesn't find it quite as humorous as I do, but whatever. To really prove a point, though, I wonder if I should just start pitching fits of my own over stupid things in my adult world:

An empty bottle of wine: "But I wanted another glaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss!!!!" (* pounds fists *)

An overflowing pile of laundry: "But I don't WANNA treat these stains!!!!" (* kicks pile into air *)

My turn to drive carpool: "But that's not fairrrrrrrrrr!! I drove it last week!!" (* throws keys across room *)

Late for school pickup: "But it's not my fault!! It's THEIRS!!" (* points at slow-moving carpool line *)

Bargaining for expensive pair of shoes: "But I NEEEEEEEEEEED them!!!!" (* throws self on Nordstrom floor *)

Speeding ticket for going 75 MPH in a 30 MPH zone: "But I don't WANNA drive slow!!!" (* rips ticket to shreds *)

Frozen pizza for dinner: "But I wanted SUSHI!!!" (* knocks plate off table *)

Kids want a bite of my cookie: "But it's MINE, all MINE!!!!" (* hides cookie in bra *)

Hubby wants to get frisky: "But I don't WANNA have sex tonight!!!!" (* crosses arms, pouts lower lip *)