Starbucks Barista Has a Creative Way of Making Your Latte More Special

Photo by: Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte
Starbucks barista Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte's custom-made cups for kind customers.

Source: G's Art Facebook page

Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte is a barista at the Starbucks across from the British Museum in central London. He makes a great cup of coffee, but he's known by customers for being an incredible artist.

Taking the lead from Starbucks' policy of writing their customers' names on their disposable cups, the 41-year-old Frenchman regularly creates custom drawings to bring a bit of art into people's lives.

"No one has EVER made me anything," tweets one lucky customer to Lafitte on his Twitter. "I'm basking in this. Thank you to the incredibly talented Gabriel."

"I love seeing people's reaction to my drawings," he tells the Metro. "I enjoy the joy and surprise on their faces."

Lafitte gets daily requests from customers hoping he will create a custom cup for them, but reserves his talents for those who "exhibit some small kindness" while in the store.

When he sees someone doing something kind or special for someone else, Lafitte will create the cup at home and arrange a day for the customer to return to the store to pick it up. Some of his intricate designs take 40 hours to complete.

Check out even more of Lafitte's wonderful drawings on his Facebook page. Always be nice to your local barista and fellow java drinkers -- you never know what will come from it!