She Went Out for Popsicles, She Returned with $100,000

A stroke of good luck hit a couple in need over the weekend when 63-year-old Elizabeth Stevens went out to buy popsicles for her sick husband, and ended up returning with a winning lottery ticket.


Elizabeth's husband Tom, 70, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and the cold dessert has become a must-have in their house as it soothes his throat. When they ran out of the treat over the weekend, Elizabeth ran to a local grocery store and decided to also purchase a $5 Special Edition Cashword lottery ticket.

"I'm telling you that ticket was calling me," Elizabeth tells the Good News Blog. "That's the only ticket I would play, it's the only ticket I do play. My husband has had a stroke besides the cancer, and I would buy those because it's good for his brain."

The way Cashword works, you scratch off letters in order to make words, similar to a crossword puzzle. The more words you create, the more money you win, and this time around, Elizabeth put together 10.

"You get 10 words for $100,000, and I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't believe it," she remarks. "We kept checking it and checking it to make sure I don't mess up. I went back to the Giant Eagle, and I said I think I won! I don't know much. She ran it through the machine and it said I was a winner. I just started crying and then laughing."

The money couldn't have come at a better time. Doctors detected Tom's cancer in January after Elizabeth sent him to the emergency room for a bad cough, thinking it was pneumonia. Instead, they found a mass in his lungs.

Fortunately, the cancer hasn't spread, Tom has to undergo surgery, and will likely have chemotherapy to treat the condition, and that will entail many visits to the hospital. Elizabeth says the family does have health insurance, but not enough to cover all the costs.

Further, she says she can certainly use the extra cash to relieve them of other debts.

"I do want to pay my car off, because it's starting to become a burden with the medical payments," Elizabeth notes. "It's a big burden off me."

Tom told WKYC News he's a fighter, and he's got a lot more on his mind than just money.

"I want to live," he says. "I want to live for Elizabeth."

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