Secrets to Your Success: Sally Hershberger

"I don't feel like I've arrived yet, and maybe that's why I'm driven," says celebrity hair stylist and salon owner Sally Hershberger. She says she grew up knowing how to break rules, and "no" was never a word in her vocabulary.

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Sally grew up in Kansas where her dad made millions in the oil industry. When her parents divorced, they moved to Beverly Hills. Sally says she grew up very fast in Hollywood, and she never thought about work until her mom told her she couldn't just "hang out."

Obsessed with her own hair, Sally got a job at Armando's, a trendy Los Angeles hair salon. She got her break when she went on tour with Olivia Newton John and met photographer Herb Ritts. Before she knew it, she was styling a number of movie stars.

At age 23, Sally was now a go-to stylist on photo shoots and movie sets, building up a steady celebrity clientele. She's best known for cutting actress Meg Ryan's hair into its famous shag in the early 90s. "It really changed the way you looked at hair in many ways, because it was like a shorter shag that was disheveled and sexy. It took short hair and made it cool," says Sally.

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In 2003, she made headlines for charging $600 for a haircut. She now charges $800, but she says she doesn't feel bad about it. She believes hair is a woman's best asset, and her brand is about looking natural, sexy, and young.

"A bad hair day makes you look bad, and a great hair day makes you look foxy and hot," she explains. "It can make you look 10 years younger."

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