Secret to Getting 'Mom Time' in the Bathroom

For many moms, one dream far surpasses all others: enjoying some guilt-free "mom time" in the bathroom. Taking a nice bubble bath without desperate cries for "Mama!" or tiny hands reaching under the door probably seems as likely for many moms as having a lottery check delivered personally to their homes by Brad Pitt. If you share the fantasy of "mom time" in the bathroom, consider these secrets that might possibly turn your dream into a reality.

Adjust your schedule. When my daughter was a newborn and I hadn't yet figured out her rhythm, I'd no sooner set foot into a long-awaited shower than her cries would echo through the house. Now that she's older and has a predictable sleep routine, showering before her wake-up time or during naps ensures me a nice, full-length, blissful shower and some primping time to boot.

Create a baby safe zone. For babies and younger toddlers, set up a baby safe zone that includes some well-loved or novel toys. My daughter thinks it's a hoot when I set her in her crib when it's clearly not time for a nap or bed. She'll gladly look through some books and play with toys she doesn't see often while I grab some me time in the bathroom.

Recruit some help. Sometimes moms need to call in reinforcements. Ask your husband or grandma and grandpa to provide some kid entertainment or a field trip while you sneak a bath. Since there are surely other ladies in your neighborhood who are in the same predicament as you are, consider setting up an exchange with another mom on your block for 30 minutes of "mom time" once a week.

Put them to work. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid, I loved to be timed. My mom could get me to do just about anything if she'd just time me. For older kids, give them a special task, chore, or craft to complete in exactly the time it takes for you to complete your precious time in the bathroom.

Implement a reward system. There's nothing wrong with a little positive reinforcement. Explain to your kids the importance of respecting mom's time in the bathroom, and then reward them for leaving you to it without destroying the house. Put a sticker on a chart or allow 5 more extra minutes of time awake before bed. Perhaps the "manners fairy" will come with a treat when they least expect it.

Content by Jennie Lee Williams.