One Dress, 5 Ways

Spring is about to be sprung. That means fashion shows, outdoor parties and, of course, the upcoming wedding season, encouraging us to stretch our wardrobe dollars to the max. But what if I told you that you could wear one single dress five different ways? Stylist and fashion maven Amy Salinger explains how to take full advantage of the versatility of one single dress.

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Start with the "LBD"

Salinger suggests starting with a black sheath dress, also known as the "little black dress." "It's one of those pieces that is universally flattering," she says. "The great thing about it is that you can get a quality little black dress for under $100 dollars, sometimes under $50…Find a great one that you can wear multiple ways."

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Look #1: Casual Weekend

You might not expect a little black dress to transform for a casual weekend look but it is possible. Add a cross-body messenger bag, layer with a jacket and finish with flat riding boots to make the black sheath dress more relaxed. Be sure, however, to add a pop of color or pattern in the jacket to keep it fun. It's a look best for going to brunch, running errands and all other daytime activities.

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Look #2: Conservative Office

Next, Salinger says switch it up by layering underneath. "You won't even recognize it's a dress anymore," she says. Put on a tailored shirt under your dress and compliment it with a cardigan layered on top to complete the look.

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Look #3: Night Out

What about the evening, date night, going out? You're still covered. Make your LBD chic with a light-colored blazer, pop of color and dramatic accessories. "Pair the little black dress with a light colored blazer and really brightens it up," suggests Salinger. And just like everyone should own a black blazer for the colder seasons, she says we should also have one in white when the temperature heats up.

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Look #4: Creative Office

For the creative professional, the LBD can be styled into a more edgy, but conservative, work look. Again, the key is to incorporate layers. Add a layer under with a colorful collared shirt and another on top. Instead of the cardigan, be on trend this spring with a leather jacket. Leather will be big this season, according to Salinger, and a shrunken leather jacket will be just right indoors and outdoors.

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Look #5: Wedding Or Event

Finally, it's not spring without weddings. Believe it or not, the same dress can even work for a formal event. "You can personalize it through the accessories," says Salinger. A unique handbag and necklace will really make the look shine and a black tuxedo blazer with short sleeves will help you go from the ceremony to the reception seamlessly.

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