Midday Workout Must-Haves

The lunchtime workout can be a timesaver for busy women. Sneaking in a workout at lunch means you'll be able to sleep later in the morning AND be able to make plans at night! Since you're likely heading back to work, or busy with kids, midday workouts require a little extra planning. Here are five things every woman needs for a successful daytime workout.

1. Non-crimping hair ties

If your hair is long enough to pull back, get it away from the sweat on your face and neck! Use the thick-elastic, super stretchy hair ties that won't leave that annoying "ponytail crease " in your hair. Securing your hair in a loose bun will also eliminate that creased look when you go back to your day. Have short hair? Use a headband to achieve the same results.

2. Tissues

Tissues are a necessity to keep in your purse or gym bag. Makeup can easily run when you're doing cardio. Grab a tissue, wrap it around your index finger, and carefully blot the sweat from under your eyes. You can also use tissues to wipe any sweat from the back of your neck or even your underarms.

3. Travel-size makeup

If your makeup is beyond repair, you'll need a couple of staples in your bag, too. No need to splurge on a full set just for your gym bag! Travel-sized products will allow you to do a quick touch-up in the locker room without going through your full makeup routine. I suggest mini-mascara and a sheer, colored lip gloss for a fresh look.

4. Deodorant

Hopefully this isn't a surprise! Reapplying your deodorant is a must, whether you think you need to or not. Do your coworkers and fellow moms a favor and reapply. This will take you less than 10 seconds and will save you from any snarky gossip about your hygiene!

5. Cute workout clothes

If you have an on-site gym, chances are you'll run into a coworker. Ditch the ratty T-shirt and old basketball shorts. Alternately, skin-tight yoga pants and a sports bra are also inappropriate. Instead, choose a sweat-wicking tank top and cropped pants; buy a fun color or brand you love as an incentive to leave your desk and sweat!

The benefits of regular exercise are immense. You're doing yourself a favor by fitting exercise into your busy schedule. Turns out you can have it all - a little extra sleep in the morning, dinner plans at night, and a strong, healthy body, too!

Content by Tracy Robert