Mean Betty: Who Photoshopped Kate Middleton's Teeth into a Horror Show?

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  • Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
    Wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Why would anyone want to pick on the Duchess of Cambridge?
-Mean Betty,

kate middleton cover of the new republic
kate middleton cover of the new republic

Everyone seems to adore Kate Middleton AKA the Duchess of Cambridge. She's sweet, smart, and seems to have single-handedly revitalized British fashion. Okay, so some people think she overdoes it a bit with the eyeliner, but that's the only criticism this lass ever seems to get.

Then comes along The New Republic, their Photoshop fairies and a nasty, or should Mean Betty say, a bullying sense of humor. You see kittens, they took a pretty, three-quarters profile picture of Kate from last year and gave her a horrific smile filled with bad teeth! Crooked, yellowing, slightly buck and almost dog-like teeth! And yes kittens, they then slapped the fixed photo on the cover of their mag. But why?!

No, kittens, it wasn't a satirical cover. The New Republic felt that doctoring a photo of Kate Middleton would be the symbol of Britains' future. Meanie would like to know when the last time they met a Briton was - and also if they're closet orthodontists. Do the boys over at The New Republic have thing for bad teeth?

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The butler and the pool boy - yes, lambies, even the pool boy! - know that the UK is dealing with a recession as bad as the one over here. The U.S and UK economies are intertwined in so many ways via banking and finance in general that when one falls down, the other says "Oof." However, they've never, ever paid attention to The New Republic. Now, though, it seems that everyone has heard of the magazine because of the cheap shot they took at the Duchess of Cambridge. Poor Kate is now their inadvertent cover girl for their issue on future of the British economy. Meanie thinks the articles must be so dry in tone that only the photo of a pretty girl would make anyone even glance at the mag!

Speaking of cover girls, while Meanie is delighted she wasn't asked to pose kittenishly for The New Republic, she does wonder if the cover was a publicity stunt to make the world aware of the publication in the first place, or if they were hoping people would buy it simply because Kate was on the cover. Either way, The New Republic seems to have less editorial integrity than, say,Mad, Cracked or even the Weekly World News.

Lambkins, a least with the Weekly World News, we knew they were having fun with Bat Boy.The New Republic just seems like a bunch of frat rats who never understood where to draw the line when making a joke.


Mean Betty

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