Last-Minute Valentine's Gifts to Make with Your Kids

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Valentine's Day can really sneak up on a busy mom! If you're looking for some last-minute Valentine's Day gift ideas that your kids will have fun helping with, try out these five ideas straight from a host of crafty blogs. Best of all, you will likely find that you have lots of the materials you need for these Valentine's Day gifts available at home.

Crayon Hearts

Have a surplus of colorful crayons? Melt them together to make a beautiful embellishment for a handmade card. Write From Karen describes the process of making these creative gifts. Place the crayons into a heart-shaped mold, bake them, and tape the molded heart to cardstock with a clever tag line such as, "You Color My World!"

Painted Hand Bouquet

If you have access to paint, paper or canvas, and some adorable little hands, you can easily make a quick Valentine's Day bouquet for someone special. The Trendy Treehouse walks you through the steps: have your kids dip their hands in paint and press them on the canvas, spread out as though they are part of a floral bouquet. Draw a vase or stems with a ribbon, and voila!

Tissue Paper Card

For a twist on a handmade Valentine's Day card, just add tissue paper and freezer paper to the mix. According to Nap Time Crafter, you can simply iron Valentine's Day colored or patterned tissue paper together with freezer paper to make for a sturdy, decorative card. Your kids can help you embellish and distribute them to friends and family.

Valentine's Day Play Dough Ornaments

With a few simple kitchen ingredients, you and your kids can make homemade play dough ornaments for Valentine's Day. The Suburban Mom lays out a recipe for play dough that includes flour, water, oil, salt, and cream of tartar, along with some optional glitter or food coloring for added sparkle. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut out your ornaments, making sure to leave a hole through which you can loop some string. These adorable gifts look well-worth the long dry time!

Heart Stamps

For the younger toddlers, a simple project involves nothing more than red paint and a toilet paper roll. Rust & Sunshine shows us how to bend the toilet paper roll so that the end forms a heart. Dip it into red paint and let the kids go to town on a blank piece of paper that you can fold into a card. Of course, all moms know not to be surprised if more paint gets on the babies than on the paper!

Content by Jennie Lee Williams.