Kid Craft: Easy Easter Table Decor

Whether you're planning a large, formal Easter dinner, or simply celebrating each spring day with your little ones, here are some fun ways to bring color, eggs, spring flowers and Easter festivities to your family dinner table. So go grab some paper, glue, scissors - and even some plastic Easter eggs - and learn how to create easy Easter table decor, a perfect kid craft (that you'll enjoy just as much):

1. Recycled Easter placecards
- This easy craft is a great reason to save and reuse leftover Easter cards from previous years. To make placecards for your Easter table, help your kids cut out fun, colorful shapes from past cards. Next, glue these images onto small pieces of pastel-colored cardstock, and write your guest's name on each card in permanent marker.

2. Plastic egg placecards
- Guests will love this colorful craft, an ingenious way to display Easter placecards. Kids gather empty plastic Easter eggs, then - with adult supervision - hot glue a large, flat button onto one closed side of the egg; this prevents the egg from rolling. When dry, the egg can be slightly opened, leaving a gap large enough to hold a placecard. Placing these eggs all around your table will brighten any tablescape.

3. Felt egg placemats
- What better way to decorate your Easter table than to have a giant Easter egg at each setting? Parents should help kids as they trace, then cut out (with good fabric scissors) a large pastel-colored felt oval. Once their background egg is cut, kids can decorate each egg with an assortment of ribbons, rick-rack, decorative trims or other shapes from felt, attaching them to the egg with felt glue.

4. Flower collage placemats - Don't get lost in a sea of eggs and forget that springtime is also all about flowers. Kids love this easy, creative craft (I know, as my kids make new placemats for each season!) which pays homage to flowers, using a myriad of scrapbook papers. Start with a 12"x18" piece of construction paper. Next, cut out a host of differently-sized flower stems from green paper, gluing these down to their background. Petals and flower centers are then cut from other scrapbook papers, then glued to each flower stem. When the glue has dried, placemats should be laminated for durability before adorning your table.

5. Stamped napkins
- Don't leave the festive décor to the placemats and place cards! Kids can have also fun crafting custom holiday napkins. Try cutting a potato in half, then dipping it in pastel-colored acrylic paint and stamping it on heavy paper napkins to look like Easter eggs (add decorations with a thin brush or permanent marker). Use fabric paint if you want to permanently decorate cloth napkins. If potato printing isn't your thing, kids can print designs on paper napkins with purchased rubber Easter or spring-themed stamps.

When it comes to Easter dinner, your kids may not be pulling the ham out of the oven, but they can definitely contribute to the holiday planning. With these colorful and easy table décor crafts, you can guarantee your table will be perfectly festive for the holidays, while giving you and your kids an excuse to have some crafty, creative fun together.

Content by Becca Swanson.