Inspiring Military Family Get a Life-Changing Surprise

Being married to a soldier sent overseas can be a struggle, but this couple and their family have learned to make the best of it.

Michelle and Rod Cherland were overjoyed to combine their big families (she had two boys, he had five girls) into an even bigger one when they got married. But just 22 days after their wedding, Michelle, a kindergarten teacher and an army captain in the United States Reserve, was deployed.

Rod was faced with the challenge with taking on both parenting roles for all seven children. But he did so without any complaint, and the couple appeared on "Ellen" to share their story. Little did they know they would be going home not only with a $15,000 check for Michelle's school, but with an all-expenses paid cruise to the Mexican Riviera for the whole family!

See Rod and Michelle's full segment on "Ellen" right here.