Homeless Dogs Get a Second Chance with Hope for Paws

When Miley was first rescued by Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws, it almost seemed hopeless for the poor dog. The malnourished stray had been barely surviving in a trash heap and had severe mange, parasites and a bacterial infection.

Against all odds, Miley had a happy ending, as we can see in Hagar's video documenting her amazing recovery. She looks like a whole new dog!

Hope for Paws is a nonprofit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles that has given homeless, injured and neglected animals a brand new life. The organization is run by Hagar and his wife Audrey, who have fostered hundreds of animals at their home for the past eight years.

In addition to rescuing animals in dire circumstances, aiding in their recovery and finding them homes, Hope for Paws aims to educate people on being responsible pet owners so more animals don't wind up on the street.

One of the Hagars' most effective ways of raising awareness is filming their rescue missions and sharing the incredible transformations the sick animals made after being cared for. The above video of Miley's rescue and recovery made headlines when it was posted online this past December, and there are dozens more videos that show how difficult it can be to save a dog and how dedicated the organization is to its cause of helping animals in need.

Hagar and another Hope for Paws worker climbed into a drainpipe to rescue Frankie, a small dog that had been abandoned and was left all alone for who knows how long. Frankie was taken to the Veterinary Care Center and introduced to Miley. They soon became inseparable, and you can see for yourself how much happier and social each dog is after being rescued by Hope for Paws.

There was also the case of Wallace, an injured pit bull roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Hagar used a tranquilizing dart to catch up to Wallace, and ended up falling down a hill in pursuit of the limping pup. Even when he caught up to him, it was a struggle to get the dog to come along with him to the Care Center. Thankfully, patience paid off, and a month after his rescue, Wallace was adopted by a loving family.

You can become a member of Hope for Paws with a simple five dollar donation. Learn more about the organization here.

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