Guest Bathroom Basics for Busy Summer Months

Summer is a busy time for moms - there are pool days, summer reading clubs, and daily "I'm bored" complaints to deal with. With multiple playdates and visits from family, you're sure to have a busy household this summer. Make sure your guest bathroom can handle all the extra traffic with these helpful tips:

Stock up on toilet paper

There's nothing worse than being unprepared - especially in the bathroom. Keep plenty of toilet paper on hand in case of an impromptu party. Stash a few rolls in plain sight (on top of the toilet or right next to it) so guests don't have to dig around cabinets. Put the rest in your linen closet and don't let your supply run out completely this summer!

Spot clean daily

When your kids spontaneously invite friends over, or you decide to host a last-minute BBQ with the neighbors, you won't have time to deep clean the guest bathroom. Store a tub of antibacterial wipes under the sink so you can do a quick wipedown each night (counters and toilet seat only). These fast, daily cleaning sessions will keep your mind at ease if friends stop by unexpectedly! Once a week, scrub the toilet, wipe down the mirror and refresh the hand towels.

Keep sunscreen handy

You and your kids should reapply sunscreen each bathroom break - about every 40 minutes to one hour for outside play. Put the sunscreen on the counter, next to the hand soap, for a visual reminder. Friends and family will appreciate the chance to reapply, too, especially in the heat of a summer BBQ!

Make it pretty

This tip might be for your personal benefit, but it can certainly make an impact! Choose something that screams summer to liven up your guest bath space. A bright rug, a sunny shower curtain or a coconut-scented candle can keep your guest bath looking - and smelling - nice all summer.

Content by Tracy Robert.