Freshen Up Your Standard 'Mom' Beauty Routine

If you're stuck in a beauty or makeup rut and are ready to try something new this season, add a few new products to your makeup bag. Any busy mom can enjoy a mini makeover just by adding a few new color palettes or basic makeup products to her routine. Whether you want to amplify the eyes, create a radiant glow, or achieve flawless skin, you'll need to employ a few simple makeup tricks and techniques for a fresh new look. Here are some things you can do to freshen up your standard "mom" beauty routine:

Create a Smoky Eye by Day

You don't have to wait for date night or a girl's night out to glam up your eyes. Use a lighter shade of shimmering grey, blue, or green to create a smoky eye for daytime. This can be a great match with virtually any outfit and will add a glamorous twist to your look. Keep things simple but add a sultry twist with a thicker liner that you can smudge slightly to create the smoky effect. Add a few sweeps of volumizing mascara and you'll be good to go.

Wear Nude-Colored Lip Gloss

If you usually run out the door without lipstick or just swipe on some lip balm to get you through the day, consider wearing a nude-colored lip gloss instead. A nude color is one of the most versatile looks for day or night and will help you create a more pulled-together look at the office or just when running errands. Choose something with a light pink hue for just a hint of color for the lips.

Use a Luminizer

When a lack of sleep and stress are taking their toll on your appearance, you'll need to create the illusion of that coveted glow with your beauty products. A luminizer or highlighting powder can be a great go-to product for any frazzled mom because it helps to illuminate the skin tone without too much effort. This goes on like a finishing powder and you can achieve that flawless look when you apply it with an oversize makeup brush.

Add Some Bronzer to the Mix

Whether you choose a liquid or a powder bronzer, this is another must-have beauty product for any mom on the go. A bronzer will help you create that sun-kissed look without overdoing it. Mix some bronzer with your foundation to create a more natural finish and use this combo to freshen up your skin tone if it's looking dull or lackluster on any given day.

Try a Liquid Eyeliner

You'll need a steady hand to draw that super-thin line around the eyes or the coveted cat eye look. Once you get some practice, you'll see why a liquid eyeliner can be a much better option or creating dramatic eyes than your usual eye pencil. This is one of my favorite beauty products because the liquid eyeliner accentuates the eyes with more precision and helps to create a more glamorous look.

Content by Sabah Karimi.