Creativity and the Creator

In His Image:
One reason I love creativity, is that it is one of the things that make us 'in the image of God', the ultimate Creator. He started it all. All one has to do is look at nature to see His creativity and how good He is at creating things. He's even got a quirky sense of humor, no, not because He created us, but because He created things like the duck-billed platypus. Well, to be honest, some of the human beings we see are a testiment to His humor as well.

He Makes It RIght:
When God creates, there is no slip-shod work. He created/creates the most amazing things. Look in a drop of pond water and see the microcosm of wonder therein. Sadly, sin entered in and tarnished some of His creations, but in the beginning, they were perfect as He is perfect. Perfectly created. Perfectly thought out. Perfect in every way.

What Will They Think/Say?
Do you suppose God ever said, "I wonder what people will say if I make this like that?" Of course, people were the last thing He created, but you get my point. A truly creative person, in whatever genre his or her creative genes find themselves, doesn't really worry about what others think about what they create. They do what they do to please themselves, even while they may have to please others to some degree. Picasso is a good example of someone who created things that may not have been popular to some because his work doesn't look like everyone else's. It's amazing how many people I meet who fear their creativity or push it down and deny it because someone told them they couldn't do it.

Finding Purpose:
God had a purpose in everything He created. We may look at some things He created and wonder what He was thinking. In fact, science has done that on occasion (i.e. the appendix,...). However, sooner or later, they find out that that thing they didn't understand really does have a reason for existing. This also points to God's plan and God's control. The things that happen to us are for a purpose. Some of them are bad. Some are because of our own sin. Some are because of other's sin. For whatever cause, the Creator has a purpose. Think of the scuptor. He has to gouge out certain parts, push other parts, cut into the clay/rock/other medium, and so much more. At the beginning, only the sculptor sees the finished product in His mind. Others see a lump of clay. The creator/sculptor, however, knows exactly what he or she needs to do to turn that lump of clay into its intended purpose.

That's Life:
Life is the process of the Creator molding us into a vessel fit to be used for whatever purpose the Creator has for us. He has given us creativity because He is the ultimate Creator. Finding that creativity inside allows the creation to fulfil his/her/its ultimate design. It takes a life-time, and it often hurts, but just think of the final result. You are a wonder of God's creation.