Couple Loses Everything and Still Manages to Give Back

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A Massachusetts couple lost everything in a house fire - except their humanity.

On Sunday evening, John and Peggy Ford's house in Braintree, MA caught fire. The couple and their dog survived, but all their belongings and both cars were gone, and the home destroyed. They had raised their family in that house, built for them by Habitat for Humanity 19 years ago.

Countless goodhearted people, many of them strangers to the couple, began raising money for them through an online fundraiser. More than $7,000 was raised in just a few days.

"When there's a moment like this in your lives, people do pull together," John tells WCVB. "It's great. It's just humbling."

"We'll pay it forward," said Peggy. "That's what we were taught to do, so we will."

That's not just lip service. The Fords don't plan to keep all the money they've received. Instead, they've decided to donate it to those suffering from the typhoon that recently ravaged the Philippines.

We're blown away by these two amazing people who know the value of giving, even when they've lost nearly everything.

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